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Consumers First Mortgage provides personal service with each loan inquiry and application.  Although we have the ability to automate our services, we have found that personal interviews and a thorough understanding of the borrower's intent and needs saves both time and money in the process. 


Pre-qualification - or - "crunching the numbers" should never cost you money.


  • No Cost - Not a Commitment
  • Can be done over the phone
  • Let's you know where to start shopping


A pre-qualification should never cost you money!!  We offer complete borrower pre-qualification either conducted in person or via telephone.  Based upon the information you provide, within minutes we can determine your borrowing power and establish a strategy to get you what you want.

Key Benefits

  • The Process Takes Only Minutes.  Gather your income and expense information and you are ready to go.
  • It's the first step in the application process. You wont' be wasting your time. All the information needed to apply will be gathered and ready to go when you are.
  • Save Time and Energy.  Regardless of your intent.  Shopping for a home will be easier.  Realtors prefer a pre-qualified buyer.
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A pre-approval with Consumers First Mortgage offers a firm commitment.


  • A Commitment To Lend - Costing no more than a credit report
  • Similar to a cash buyer
  • Less worry - less time to close


The pre-approval  process involves everything in the actual loan application process except the property portion.  A complete application with assets, employment, liabilities and credit is completed.  Armed with a pre-approval you are a "cash" buyer in the eyes of your Realtor.

Key Benefits

  • This process can be completed via telephone if you like.  
  • With no change in financial position your loan is approved while you shop.  While you shop for a home, no change in financial position can occur.  Additional debt, change in employment status or depletion of savings can cause you to become disqualified.
  • Ask for a Commitment Letter.  Armed with the commitment to lend, you are as good as they get.  Buyers take you seriously and your offers carry some weight.

  • This process can be completed via telephone or started online.

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Just like the big guys, we can approve you on the spot. 


  • Faster Approval
  • Able to lock at Application with the BEST rate
  • 24 hour service


Many lenders offer automated underwriting today.  In fact, nearly 100% of the loans written today are required to be "run through automated underwriting".  We have the capability to do just that for you too.  Naturally, the process of appraisal and title search still makes the loan closing a few weeks away.

Key Benefits

  • Less Worry.  Once you have a decision - your loan is approved subject to appraisal and title.
  • You Are In the Drivers Seat.  Within minutes your loan is approved and you are ready to make the offer / close the deal.
  • Automation Can Mean LESS Documents to Gather.  Based upon the findings of the automated services, you may need to gather less loan documents to complete the process. Another way to save with Consumers First Mortgage!!

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